I Am the Residential Blonde

Senior pic

Hey there, my multi-hair-colored darlings. I am Micki Wagner, or as you might know me already, the Residential Blonde. I write mostly about pop-culture, but also some lifestyle stuff. I like to review movies, TV shows, books, food, travel. Basically anything I find inspiring, disgusting, or in between. I like to use this as a place to explore all of my opinions, discoveries, obsessions, and did-that-really-happen moments from my life and more famous ones. I took on the name “the Residential Blonde” because I am your typical white girl- I drink Starbucks, my nails are always painted (seriously, they haven’t been un-polished for the last three and a half years), I watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians religiously (every Sunday; can I get an Amen?), and, most importantly, I am blonde. I am so proud to be blonde, in fact, I used to only dress up as blonde icons for Halloween when I was little; oh yeah, I’m talking Cinderella, Elle Woods, and even Britney Spears in her ‘Oops, I Did it Again’ red leather jumpsuit circa 2000. Some people choose to be blonde, others are born with it; I am a member of the latter and loving it *sassy three-point snap*. Being blonde is a lifestyle, and I’m about that life.


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