Building a Life

School is back in session, which can only mean my existential crisis is back in full swing. Yay… I’m writing because today has been especially overwhelming. I had a journalism lecture class today with roughly 318 students in it, and I had a really hard time handling it. And every time I’m around a lot of journalism students, I just realize that I’m not like them. Which can be really overwhelming when they all seem to be friends with one another and all seem to know exactly what they’re aiming for. And then they tell us we’re all competing with each other for sources and jobs and God only knows what else. It’s a lot. Couple that with having all of these professors telling me what I should be expecting for a job I don’t even want, it can all be disheartening. That and it makes me question what I’m still doing here. So I had a thought. Maybe I should take this time to map out the life I actually want, instead of letting myself get caught up in building, and working hard at, a life I don’t while I still have the time to decide that. So that’s what I’m going to do in the space that follows- make a rough blueprint for the life I’d like to see myself in.

What would make up an ideal life for Micki Wagner?

  • TRAVEL. Anywhere and everywhere. Just travel and travel a lot.
  • Writing. But not news writing. Or being a general assignment journalist. Writing about travel or food or something that could help women or music or city life.
  • Living in a city environment
  • Being able to provide for myself
  • Music being in my life in any way
  • Having good, solid people in my life.
  • Having time to read books and magazines
  • Adventures. Having lots of adventures, both big and small, such as…
    • Going out on a sail boat
    • Riding in a hot air balloon
    • Road-tripping across America
    • Eating a scorpion (and eating weird food in general)
    • Going on a safari
    • Seeing the pyramids and the Sphinx in Egypt
    • Competing in a mud run
  • Not being constantly stressed out
  • Falling in love at some point
  • Being able to disconnect from the digital world regularly
  • Being able to have time for myself, time to relax
  • To feel like what I’m doing is purposeful and is something I take a lot of pride and satisfaction in
  • To find a workout routine I really, really like and commit myself to that
  • To be able to help women and girls in some way