Begin Again

It’s the Saturday before beginning my sophomore year of college. Honestly, I have a really good feeling about this year. Maybe it’s that I’m definitively less nervous than last year or that I have friends now, or both. Or that I’m actually ready to take on my existential crisis.

When I went back home for the summer, I was beyond my stress threshold, tired of boring classes, and just generally worn out and unmotivated by my lack of direction as far as my career path and dreams went. While this semester is stacking up to probably be a little boring and stressful again, I actually feel like I’m in a much better place. I’m rested and starting to become more motivated again thanks to some major time with my friends, most of whom are going through the same crisis as I am.

My greatest aspirations for this semester are 1) to really, I mean really, figure out what my plan is moving forward and 2) to have some much needed fun this semester, as that is something I didn’t have all that much of last semester outside of my Netflix account and a few movie nights with friends. I am looking forward to strengthening the relationships with the friends I made last year, and maybe even make some new friends, though I’m not in any rush to make more friends.

I feel content in my life right now. But I’d like to start feeling excited about my life again- a feeling I haven’t truly felt since graduating high school. That is my more immediate goal: to introduce some excitement back into my life. But for right this second, I’m perfectly okay with being content. Among other things, I’m looking to master the art of having fun by just being.