10 Favorite YouTube Videos

I talk about YouTube a fair amount in my Friday’s Fascinations series, so this post should not be shocking. Below I will share with you my ten favorite YouTube Videos, in no particular order. Let’s get into it, shall we?

Good Mythical Morning is a daily show on YouTube put on by best friends Rhett and Link. In the video above they eat the world’s hottest pepper at the request of a viewer. This video makes me laugh so hard. I also have a love for spicy food coming from the fact that my parents had a hot sauce cart in the mall when I was little. Honestly though watching Rhett and Link journey through the seven levels of Scoville-rated hell is almost too entertaining.

Now would be the time to tell you that I have arranged these videos by channel. Anyway, This next one is also from GMM. This was the first episode of theirs I ever watched and it got me hooked. If you’re not convinced, just wait it out until the end. It definitely gets better with each round they play of the Smell-Tasting Experiment.

This next set is dedicated to my favorites: Dan Howell and Phil Lester. I have written about them before. Redundant, I know #sorrynotsorry. I love both of their channels Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil, along with their combined channel DanandPhilGames. The video above is one from their gaming channel during spooky week. As well, the one below is from Phil’s channel that is from a series Dan and Phil have done for Krave Cereal called Phil the Lion vs. Dan the Dinosaur. Basically they compete in funny and ridiculous challenges to declare a winner. This is the Water Race.

Moving right along, this next one below makes me laugh every time. It is a gem.

And lastly for Dan and Phil, their first time playing BBC One Radio’s infamous Innuendo Bingo.

Now we can move on to some other cheeky and relatable YouTubers-Sorted Food. Below is a video from a three-part series they did on cooking on a camping trip which is educational and entertaining. On top of that, there is also a funny “Christmas Treat” video

Last, but not least of my top ten YouTube Videos is from Rosanna Pansino who creates Nerdy Nummies. These next videos are one called Helping Hands where she cooks but someone else is her arms. It makes more sense in the video, and last of all her Maleficent Candy Apples.


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