Friday’s Fascinations: Mystery and Gay Lovers

Sherlock and Watson of BBC's Sherlock

Sherlock and Watson of BBC’s Sherlock

Quote of the Week: “Nothing more attractive than a mission.” One Life by Justin Bieber

Earlier this week I ushered the Third Goal Film Festival, a film festival put on by the Peace Corps. I got to watch some of the films for free in between being an usher and the first one I saw was the one that struck me the most. Alex and Ali is the story of an American man, Alex, who joins the Peace Corps and gets sent to Iran and meets the love of his life, a man named Ali. Because of the political turmoil in Iran Alex leaves and cannot go back as Ali cannot leave. So the film covers the two’s only reunion in 35 years. It was so moving but deeply tragic. Needless to say, I loved it, even if it was sad.

As I was listening to Spotify this week, I heard an ad for a website called the The Vanishing Game. Intrigued, I went to the website only to be delighted by what I found: a website that tells a mystery story in eight parts. The story is interactive, so it is read to you by a beautiful-sounding British man as the words scroll up the screen and there are beautiful/haunting photos and videos that play out in the background. On top of that, it’s actually pretty good story. I really do think this could be the future. And, for my own sake, I hope it is.

Lastly, discussing mysteries and gay lovers, I had been watching an ungodly amount of Sherlock. I started watching the show a two years because my friends had badgered me to watch it. It was one of the greatest suggestions they could have made because I absolutely love it. In fact, I’m listening to it as I type this. It’s a clever revamp of the classic story. Plus it is very well filmed; each episode is like a short movie in it’s beautiful cinematography and the fact that every season (there are three currently) has three episodes in it, all of which are around and hour and a half a piece. Which can only mean it’s perfect for marathoning. Also, I find that I can watch the show and be fully productive as well, maybe due to the intellect of the show or because I have watched each episode a gazillion times, as I have all three seasons on DVD plus Netflix, or a little bit of both.

So that’s all for this week. I’d also like to apologize for promising you more content this week and not pulling through on that; I became very busy this week. But I will get you new content very, very soon.

Otherwise, this is the Residential Blonde signing off. Have a lovely week!


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