Friday’s Fascinations: Phan, 1D, and Nicki

In a world of constant newness, sometimes it’s nice to indulge in some old favorites. This week I have been rediscovering some of my old favorites, made new again.

Old favorites are like a worn in hoodie or a broken in pair of shoes, not only are they familiar and comfortable, but they provide solace in ever-changing times of life. What I’m getting at is that I have recently gone back to university and everything is new again, which is fun, but I also like having familiar entertainment to fall back into. One of my absolute favorites that I have been watching an almost disgusting amount of this week has been YouTuber Dan Howell of danisnotonfire. More specifically, though, I have been watching his new channel with his roommate/best friend/fellow YouTuber Phil Lester (AmazingPhil) called DanandPhilGames. They did upload new content this week, but my personal favorites are there “spooky week” episodes which they filmed around Halloween, and is basically the two of them playing creepy video games with jump scares in them. I’ve watched these episodes so many times that the jump scares don’t register anymore, and I am the jumpy type. However, I have also found if you just focus on Dan and Phil’s box up in one of the corners of the screen, it’s mostly funny and not nearly as scary. While listening to Dan literally scream as if the game had jumped out of the screen and into reality (his immersion is impeccable) gives me life, they have loads of other funny content of them playing games like Sims, Shelter, Bishi Bashi, Donkey Kong, etc. If that’s not enough, their bromance is one of YouTube’s finest.

Now before I continue on with this next one, you need to know, I have never considered myself much of a One Directioner. In fact, I kept my love for a select few of One Direction’s songs a secret. Mainly because it was nobody’s business, I felt. But now, I am so obsessed with a song from their new album FOUR, that I feel now is the time for me to come out and say, I really do love a lot of their songs. Not all of them, but enough. This one song I am so mysteriously alluding to is “Night Changes”. I particularly like the Afterhrs Remix of the song, but I like the song in general. I just think the message is so comforting in times of change: “But there’s nothing to be afraid of/ Even when the night changes”. As if the song itself wasn’t enough, can we just talk about the music video? It starts off with every fangirl’s dream- going on a date with One Direction. Each member acts as if they are taking you on a date, but funny enough, the dates all end in some sort of mildly catastrophic manner, exemplifying “just how fast the night changes.” Well played, One Direction. Well played.

Lastly this week, the Queen of Rap is back! Nicki Minaj dropped her new album The Pinkprint late last year, but the second part in her MTV documentary trilogy aired last Sunday. It just refueled my love for Nicki and how regally she ascended the ranks to become one of the best rappers in the world. Her song “Buy a Heart” featuring Meek Mill from her new album has been on repeat on my iPhone for the last week. It’s catchy but in a really cool way (Read: not in a sugary-sweet pop way). Just promise me you’ll listen to it?

Before I go, I’m gonna leave my favorite DanandPhilGames spooky week video below so you can watch it (or rewatch it) and we can fangirl together.

Same time next week? Perfect.

Well until next time, have a lovely week!


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