Friday’s Fascinations

This week’s fascinations are kind of all over the place. Let’s get into it.

My biggest inspiration this week has been the film The Imitation Game. The story of Nazi-codebreaker Alan Turing, Imitation Game is moving, tragic and highly relevant. It is a story I was shocked to find I did not know, and one I think everyone in the modern age needs to know. On top of that, the film has received eight Oscar nominations, including best actor for Benedict Cumberbatch as Turing. He did a phenomenal job. It was easy to see that Cumberbatch found Turing inspiring and, in some ways, found a freedom in playing the part of Turing, even if the man himself did not feel that way. It is one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time. I might even say that it is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. Regardless, it was definitely the best story I’ve ever heard, I am convinced.

Another fascination on my radar, this time from the Golden Globes was Emily Blunt. The first movie I ever saw her in is the period drama Young Victoria, where Blunt plays one of the greatest British monarchs, Queen Victoria. After that I was hooked. Recently, though, Blunt was the Baker’s wife in Into the Woods, for which she and the entire cast were nominated for some Golden Globes. While the Fashion Police were not entirely moved by what she was wearing, I was. She was in a Michael Kors white dress with brilliantly placed cutouts. Long, flowy and paired with beautiful sparkly light blue, almost teal, jewelry. I thought her color pairing was unique yet fresh. I just really loved that outfit. A+, Emily Blunt.

Last on my list this week is, weirdly enough, homemade rice pudding. Last week, I confessed my Sorted Food addiction and this was a recipe I watched Sorted make when I realized, I have never actually had rice pudding. So I made it for myself. It was so promising in its warm, creamy, custardy simplicity. But you know what? It didn’t have a whole lot of flavor and was pretty unimpressive. Well, at least I tried right? I do want to say though that I think that is just the nature of vanilla rice pudding, as I made Sorted’s Chocolate Orange Townie last week and it was rich, citrusy, chocolate-y, and all around mu delicious.

So that’s what has been inspiring me this week. I’d love to know what’s inspired you this week, so leave a comment down below. Have a lovely week!


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