Five Life Lessons from Disney’s Into the Woods

Disney’s rendition of the beloved musical Into the Woods was, in short, brilliant. The story was better than I remember it on stage and the songs were as catchy as ever. Throughout the entire movie, though, I could not help but think that there are so many bits of sage advice about life. So, in no particular order, here are some of the best pieces of advice from the movie.

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Lesson One: If life were full of magical moments, then we would never be able to recognize that the moments were indeed magical.

Lesson Two: It does not do well to be divided over who the blame falls on. Rather, it is more efficient to come together to hatch a plan on how to overcome the problem.

Lesson Three: No matter how much we lose or how lonely we may feel, we are never really alone.

(Lesson Three and a Half: the people we lose never fully leave us if they live on in our memory)

Lesson Four: True love is agonizing. Even princes cannot always get the girl on the first try.

Lesson Five: From the outside, happily-ever-afters can seem so perfect. But from the inside, the happily-ever-after may not be quite as happy as it seems. The whole point of Into the Woods is to suggest that after their stories ended, our favorite fairytale characters might not have gone on to have the happy endings of their dreams. That sometimes the fairytale is not quite what we had hoped for, and that true happiness can be found less in the fairytale, but in ourselves and the beautiful reality of our making.