What are Your Hobbies?

A week after I graduated high school, I was back at my school to visit. I loved high school and was very involved in my high school. I was in the choir, I ran cross country for a season, I was an ambassador, sound co-captain of the theatre department, in National Honor Society, Editor-in-Chief of the school newspaper… you get my point. When I visited my school after graduating my music/journalism (I know, weird combo) teacher asked me what I was going to do with my summer, I said I had no real plans. Joking he asked, “Don’t you have any hobbies?”

What? Of course I have hobbies, I thought immediately, and slightly defensively, I might add. I am an active member in the theatre program, I am an ambassador, I am in the choir, I write for the school newspaper…or at least I was. In that moment I realized I did not have any real hobbies. All of my hobbies had to do with school. All of a sudden, I began wondering what kind of hobbies I actually would enjoy. As I embark on beginning college, I will use this as motivation to begin to identify with what I like do, outside of my school; something that I can actually do on my own. Maybe I will find myself inspired by something I had no idea existed.  


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