A Sky Full of Stars

Ever since I was little, the nighttime stars have served as a great source of intrigue and mystery to me. They are so innocent, it seems, but also complex. Stars are optimistic beings, shining both brightly and dimly but never seeming sad to be reaching the end of their life.  I am a stargazer; I am always looking for the stars when the sun goes down and the moon comes up.  With that I am also in love with Coldplay’s new album Ghost Stories. It focuses so much on the mysticism of nature, in an understated way. One of the songs on the album is called A Sky Full of Stars, which is a love song but also manages to capture the beauty and wonder of the stars. This song has had me reminiscing about a trip I took last summer in which I was able to get pretty intimate with the stars and how much this moment I am about to relay to you made me stop, sit back, and let the universe take control.

Last summer, my friend Marissa decided to celebrate her birthday on an almost-abandoned farmhouse in Cuba, Missouri. This would be one of those places referred to as Middle-of-Nowhere, Missouri. Also, I am not a country girl, by any means. Regardless, here we were. We were only there for two days and one night, so on the only night of our stay Marissa, her three other guests, and myself took a couple blankets and laid in the front yard looking up at the sky. It was perfectly dark due to the lateness of the hour, but the darkness was no match for the diamonds staring back at us, which lit up the sky. Laying there sprawled out on top of each other, bellies full of banana s’mores, we watched the sky, not in hopes of a performance, but in contemplation of what’s to come and what it all might mean. It was in this contemplation that I saw it: my first shooting star. Then I saw another, and again another. It was like the universe knew we were watching and, with a flair for the dramatic, put on a show, breaking us free of our contemplative mindsets, and yet opening our minds to the greater possibilities the universe may have in store for us. The next day we were heading back home, filled with the wonder the stars of the night prior had instilled in us.

This wonder and awe is not something that can be lost, but rather just improved upon. I am only gaining intrigue for the stars, but without that special time I had spent with the stars, there may have been a wonder I could not have seen with just a quick glance. You never knew when a shooting star will cross your path.



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