Lorde Almighty

There is a new obsession blossoming within my soul: Lorde. When I first heard her song “Royals” I thought it was cool and different from what was out there. But now, I have come to obsess over the entire Pure Heroine album. Her music has intriguing beats with meaningful and complex language, but this is only half of what makes Lorde so interesting in my opinion. What I find most fascinating about Lorde is her ability to use language so honestly and beautifully at the same time. She has an obsession with words, which, as a writer, is inspiring to hear another writer say. I write so often and in such a formulaic manner that I always seem to use the same words, almost always as meaninglessly. In Lorde’s songs, I feel like I am always discovering new words, like archaic. She uses archaic in her song “Glory and Gore”. It’s not that I did not know the word so much as I had merely forgotten the existence of such a word. Her use of words and her arrangement of such language is awe-inspiring. Believe me when I say, I am taking notes.

Lorde – Tennis Court


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