Kimmswick Capers

Beyond the bustling suburbs of St. Louis is a historical town called Kimmswick. Jackie, Shelby, and I decided to spend an afternoon of our Spring Break staycation here. There are many shops that sell garden furnishings and trinkets. But I think it goes without saying that we were there to eat at a famous little restaurant called The Blue Owl. So without further ado, here was our afternoon


At The Blue Owl, the three of us ordered trios of food. My trio consisted of a cup of Canadian Cheese soup, 1/2 slice of Quiche Lorraine, and a dessert, i.e. pie. The Canadian Cheese soup was rich and sharp, as it was basically a sharp cheddar bisque. The quiche (pictured above) was beautiful. It was creamy and the cheese was stringy and soft and melty. The only downside was that it was a little oily, but I mean, it happens when you put bacon, cream, and cheese in the same dish. The bacon is great in here too; smoky, meaty, and luscious. The crust was not all that flaky, rather doughy actually, but I kind of liked it like that.


We were really there for the pie though. The entrees were just a formality to get to the pie. The caramel apple levee high pie was enormous. I could have had a slumber party inside that pie. I kept hearing waitresses say that it took 18 apples to make one pie. The definition of culinary ridiculousness is this pie. It was tasty too. The crust was flaky, the apples tender and crisp, and the caramel gooey and sticky.


I also snapped a picture of the back of the pie for you because I thought it was just gorgeous with its shiny caramel speckled with pecans and sugar that graces the edges of the crust. At one point I started peeling the caramel off the back and chewing on it like candy.


Jackie decided to delight in a specialty pie- the shamrock pie. This is a silk pie that has mint cream on the top and chocolate cream underneath. She didn’t like it very much, considering she just carved the chocolate out of the bottom, but I liked it. The mint was slightly like that of toothpaste, but for some reason, I found the mint and chocolate here really intriguing.


Shelby ordered the German chocolate pie and she liked it, as did Jackie and I. It was soooo rich. It was one of those pies where you take two bites and you’re napping on the floor. It was rich, but also luxurious.

After lunch, we walked around to the different shops that line the streets in Kimmswick. We found some cute, vintage items.







It really is a cute town, filled with homes from the 1800s that have been revamped into shops. However, it is a little creepy. Every now and then I felt like I was in an episode of Pretty Little Liars walking around abandoned sheds and whatnot. It does have a little bit of a ghost town appeal to it, but it is an old-world town and that makes it an exciting day trip.


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