The Icons

Lately, I have really been considering who my icons are. Since I am about to embark on this crazy journey called college, I have been thinking about who I want to be in my career and who I want to be for myself.  The people I am about to list are the celebrities, or icons in my opinion, that I really look to in emulating certain qualities such as their work ethic or their humility. Without further ado, here are my icons.

Marilyn Monroe in New York

Marilyn Monroe is the first on my list. I feel like this was probably expected, but allow me to elaborate on why I think she is iconic. Not only is she the ideal blonde icon, but she worked so hard. She enrolled herself in school in New York, after she was already a well known actress, so she could become more educated and continue to excel further as an actress. She also was an avid reader, which is not something people would think about her if they did not know otherwise. And after all she had been through, she had a difficult and fleeting life, she still believed in love so strongly. What’s so sad is that I don’t know that she ever found the true love she so desired. I love her for her unending belief in love. That and I believe she truly was a great woman, albeit she made some mistakes, but who doesn’t?


Even though I am a girl, I love having men as icons. Particularly, I think Walt Disney is one of the most inspiring people to have ever walked the planet. His animations bring people to tears and make them laugh. He has created a legacy, something more than just a brand. I could be wrong, but I don’t think he was in this for the money, I think he was in this because he really did believe in entertaining people in a wholesome way. That is really inspiring within itself because it shows a dedication and passion to what he did, and in so many ways continues to do, even if he is no longer alive, his passion is what fuels arguably the most recognizable company in the world.


A couple weeks ago I started getting a cold. Like most people, I took some medicine and went to lay down, deciding that it would be nice to put on a movie while I tinker off to sleep. The movie I chose was Coco Before Chanel, and was one of the best movies I have seen in a while. It was about the iconic designer’s life leading up to her success, in some ways documenting her journey. I had known idea she was so cutting-edge or that she had really broken boundaries. I was shocked and amazed and awe-inspired by this woman. She is the definition of sophistication and rebellion, and menswear-inspired womenswear, which I love.


Lady. Gaga. She is a pop-rockstar/gay rights, be-who-you-are activist in the best way. Her songs are artistic and have a deeper meaning than most pop songs, and she uses her platform for to shed light on issues such as LGBTQ matters and the importance of becoming and being who you are. If that is not what makes someone an icon, than I’m not sure what does.

Photo courtesy of

I had to throw Shaun White in here, not because he is one of my celebrity crushes, but because I think his work ethic is incredibly determined. I mean that is a little obvious considering he literally has an Olympic work ethic. Either way, I think the way he is determined to always be the best is inspirational.


Forget Oprah, Ellen is the new Queen of Talk Shows. While I like Oprah, I love Ellen DeGeneres’s realness and her humor. She is seriously hilarious, but also honest. She is an inspiration because she is so much herself, and while she faced backlash when she came out, she is better than ever and doing good for others wherever and whenever she can. The underlying moral she teaches is not to underestimate the impact of making someone smile.


Lea Michele is a new addition to my list. With everything she has been through over the last couple of months with losing her boyfriend, Cory Monteith, to an unexpected drug overdose. She has dealt with all the attention in such a positive and strong way. Aside from that, she is also incredibly talented and has enviable drive.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Rounding this out is the adorable Darren Criss. I admire how talented he is, but also how happy he is. He is such a happy-go-lucky guy. He is also so excited to be himself which is not something easily found both in Hollywood and the real world. On top of all of that, he is super passionate about theatre and music. He is just a nice guy, and we can all learn something from that

So, those are my icons. Who are yours?


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